Know your annual costs

I’m sure that you must be paying a decent cost to the service provider to take care of your website. But, do you know, how much it would cost in real..? What all need to be renewed..? Let’s have a look.

Majorly there are 3 factors, out of many, which involves in a Website Development process.

  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Designing

Domain name registration is the process of registering your desired online identity for the public to find your website, like or Technically you don’t own the domain, but once it is registered, it’s yours alone for as long as you continue paying the annual renewal charges. It can be registered through various companies, like GoDaddy, HostGator, ResellerClub etc. But always keep an eye on the charges as they may offer cheaper price at first and once you are about to check out, to avail the discounted price, you may have to register the domain for minimum 3 years. Means, you will have to pay more upfront. Infinity Codio offers domains from just ₹ 750/yr.

Web Hosting is basically a web space or an online space used to host or build a website. Again, this one also need to be renewed annually since you don’t own the hosting space. You can get different types of hosting – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server etc and it depends on your usage. For a general website, like for a business or corporate or a school or an institute, Shared Hosting is more than enough and it is the cheapest type as well. If you have a small online shop or an basic level web application for an institute or even for a medium size clinics, VPS is recommended. For stand alone bigger properties like multi specialty hospitals, universities, E-Commerce websites etc, Dedicated servers will be required. We offer Shared hosting from just ₹ 750/yr with 1GB Storage Space.

Designing or Development cost is only for building (or revamping) a website. Once it is done, there will be no annual renewals or registrations since you OWN this. Every website is owned by someone and they are the sole authority to utilize it. Therefore, do ask your website developer to share the source code of the website for sure. Even if you not continuing with existing website development team, with the source code, you could easily hire a new team to look after it. Website Maintenance is a different factor, which involves in making changes/updates to existing website. Like, updating admission details for schools, new job openings in a company or adding new projects monthly etc etc. Generally, Website maintenance cost will be depend on the total time required to make the necessary changes.

To conclude, the domain (.com or .in or .net etc etc) & the web hosting need annual renewals and it is advised to check with your service provider to share you all the information related to it.

Websites are online properties owned by an individual or a company and it doesn’t require monthly or annual renewals.

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